About Us

  • Founded in 1960, Shanghai Art & Design Academy  is one of the most influential, oldest and best-known colleges of art and design in China. The Academy has been dedicated to the education of professional artists and designers, is taking the lead in providing programs related to contemporary visual arts, design, and art education, and is to be a major contributor to the thinking within the fields of art, design, and art education. Through innovations, SADA has gradually cultivated initiatives to meet industrial developments and corporate demands. The academy has formulated a comprehensive environment of diverse workshops and studios featuring in practical training with the assistance of versatile facilities including domestic specialists, international designers and super craftsmen. 

    SADA is approved by the Shanghai Municipal Government and the State Ministry of Education. SADA is the only national model college for advanced vocational education for art and design in China, with over five decades of history of cultivating nationally renowned design talents and artists. SADA is the only college of its kind that is now taking on the project of the education system innovations, a pilot education system through collaborations between governments, industries, companies and colleges. It is also a leading college responsible for constructing the resource library of Art and Design in the field of the National Vocational Education (Industrial Design). 

    With the development of creative industries in Shanghai, the "Capital of Creative Economy" of China, the Academy builds the Public Training Bases of Shanghai Digital Art and Shanghai Arts and Crafts, the Center of China Gold Creative Industry, the Modern Environmental Design Center, the Landscape Design and Education Center, etc. SADA attracts extraordinary people who thrive in its creative culture, a team of oriental scholars, internationally reputable designers, masters of art and craft as well as folk artists. Programs of study are focused on training workshops and various studios specifically geared to their interests and long-term plans.

    As an national role model for art schools, the Academy has made great improvement on its academic programs, teaching and campus construction through extensive links with business, both nationally and internationally as well as collaboration with industry and commerce. The academy is recognized for the outstanding quality of its talented students.

    SADA has faculties encompassing 230 full-time and 100 part-time members to educate more than 4,400 students studying among 12 design specialties. The Academy occupies 218 acres with comprehensive environment of versatile workshops and studios featuring in practical training. The Academy has six schools in Fashion and Technology, Visual Design, Environmental Art, Digital Art, WPP and Crystal Digital Art. In the 2012 academic year, SADA offered 12 majors in game design and making, computer art & design, exhibition design, advertising design and creation, industrial design, environmental art design, interior decoration design, fashion design, jewelry craft and authentication, arts and crafts design and making, multimedia design and making, media planning.

    Over half of the ninety studios and workshops have connections and collaboration with business. Real world projects benefit more and more students.