School of Visual Art

  • The School emphasizes development of the professional ability, and is committed to educating innovative talents with a breath of skills in visual art and design. The Visual Display major is a construction project model of China, and the first to start international exchange. In 2010, the Industrial Design major invested five million Chinese Yuan (about US$ 800,000) in building advanced practical training facilities with opportunities for industry collaborations on campus. In March 2011, the School was approved and appointed by Ministry of Education as the leading organization to set up a professional teaching resource library for the major of Art and Design (Industrial Design) for National Vocational Education.

    Cooperation with association and businesses offers excellence of teaching by leading practitioners. Just as Shanghai is an extraordinarily multicultural city, the School is a richly multicultural environment in which to study art and design. We have numerous links with academic and commercial organizations outside China in teaching, research and business such as:

    Berlin Higher Vocational Education Group;
    Product Innovation and Design Institute of the Berlin University of the Arts;
    Multimedia Design Research Center (Siemens);
    Wright College of Art and Design;
    Atelier Markgraph GmbH (Germany);
    Xi Luowen Design Firm;
    Huafan University (Taiwan).

    Nationwide Advanced Facilities
    On-campus practical training facilities:
    "Sludge Training Room;
    "Painting Room of Product Design;
    "Handmade Model Training;
    "Showroom of Product Design;
    "Computer Center;
    "3-Coordinate Measuring Platform Training Workshops;
    "CNC and RP Fast Molding Training Room;
    "WACOM Hand-Painting Screen Training Room;
    "Multi-Functional Design Exchange Hall;
    "Display Training Workshops and Graphic Printing Center.
    On-campus practical training facilities:
    Bailian Group E-commerce Platform;
    Xi Luowen Design Firm (U.S.) studio;
    Atelier Markgraph GmbH Studio (Germany);
    Taiwan Bailida Design Development Co., Ltd.
    Internship bases:
    Changzhou Linktone display Ltd.;
    Cixi Baofanli Electric Co.;
    Dongfeng Group.

    Fruitful Achievements of Teaching
    1.Published 12 books and textbooks;
    2.Won 2 international awards;
    3.Won 32 awards at the municipal levels and above;
    4.Finished one major social project;
    5.Trained 30 teachers from Shanghai and other parts of China;
    6.Seven patents filed.